Pacific Troller Dory Plans PDF

Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 36 pages of text, drawings and photos on 8.5" x 11" pages. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs. To save $5 and postage costs choose the download option by ordering on this page. For printed plans, click HERE


This modified version of the traditional gunning dory is built with lightweight ply and epoxy in a simplified double chine hull form. This new 16 footer is a lightweight version of our 19 foot gun dory which is a much larger big water design and is way too much boat for most people. The new boat has the same look in a smaller, easier to build lightweight hull that can be car-topped. It rows easily and properly equipped it makes a capable open water boat.

Construction is a straightforward process of stitching five full-length plywood panels together with plastic ties, then sealing seams with glass tape. No building base is required and bulkheads serve as forms to hold panels in alignment during assembly. To further streamline building, both ends of the gun dory are identical so the same plank pattern can be used 4 times. The hull interior is clean and open with none of the ribs, frames or stringers of traditional construction, making it easier to maintain, clean and repair. Hull reinforcement is provided by four full length chines, compartments, butt-blocks, seats and gunnel laminations. The hull exterior may be sheathed with glass cloth or glass tape can be laid over seams to save weight.

Structural storage compartments are easy to build and make waterproof using ply and epoxy, and also provide seating and emergency flotation capability should the hull fill with water. Compartments may be accessed by easily installed circular screw-outs, or by larger traditional hinged yacht hatches.

The smallest of electric or gas motors will push the slippery double chine hull, and a motor can be installed with a clamp-on side mount or in a custom built motor well conveniently located inside the boat. A typical motor well installation is included in the building plans.

There is room for two rowing stations, or the double ender makes a pleasing solo camp cruiser with room for piles of gear. A drop-in sliding seat rowing unit such as the Piantedosi can be installed and removed in seconds, and the boat is fast enough to make an enjoyable exercise rower which works well in waves that would disable a rowing shell. With appropriate seating the boat may also be paddled like a canoe, or poled standing up in calm water. Build two of these and enjoy rowing or cruising together, or just drifting a quiet stream.

The detailed building plans include over 30 pages, all written for amateurs and first timers. These new gun dory plans are expanded with many new options for materials, reinforcements and interior layout, and include sketches, photos, material sources, step-by-step and discussion of many options to modify and customize the boat.

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