Tim's Pacific Troller Dory with Sail Rig


Hi Paul

I wanted to share with you some pics of my completed Pacific Troller Dory. I just call it a gunning dory. Mine came out 15 foot 4 inches long, with a 4 foot beam. I added the sailing bits to the plan myself. The rig is a lateen sail and spars from an Old Town canoe that I picked up for $20. She rows and sails great. The boat is light enough that I can launch it from a dolly at my local beach. It will be used for fishing and sailing and rowing fun on Lake Erie. And she is light enough to be hauled cartop style on top of our popup camper when we go camping. I have yet to try the trolling motor on her, but I think she will do just fine with the little electric motor on there too. Maybe calls for some future tinkering.

Tim Abbott