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you can't buy a camper or topper like this, but you can build one

You can't buy a camper or topper like this, but you can build one, customized to suit your own rig and specific needs. Your camper can be fitted out with single or double doors and side windows can be screened sliding full length RV types, small non-opening marine deadlites or simple smoked Plexi or Lexan panels attached to the exterior surface. The overhead hatch can located forward or aft, on centerline or off to one side to allow opening the hatch while hauling a canoe, kayak or rocket box on the top racks. The top "escape hatch" can provide light, ventilation and handy access to items carried atop the camper. The racks are structural to provide support for hauling heavy loads.

The interior layout is optional and can be modular and removable for cargo hauling, or intricate with permanent furniture, insulation, battery lighting, sound system and porta-potty for self-contained camping. The Outdoor Life camper shown also has a 6 foot 2 inch long bed arranged crossways plus a small dinette. Exterior finish is optional and the camper can be finished natural as shown for a classy look or painted to match truck.

The camper as shown weighs 260 pounds empty. Four adults, one supporting each corner, can remove and replace the camper on the truck. Toppers, built to attach to truck bed sides and without a floor, usually weigh much less. The crawl-thru access hatch attached to the sliding window of the truck cab allows heat from the truck cab to warm the camper and contents.

Plans include a 33 page spiral-bound shop manual with photos, sketches, sources and step-by-step, with discussion of many options. Campers and toppers have been built in a variety of configerations, interior layouts and finishes, for small compact trucks to full size long and short bed rigs, and mostly by amateur builders. The plans also discuss square corner "economy" or utility versions, as well as the large radius corners shown in photos.

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Hi Paul...just wanted to say how gratifying it was building the camper(it's kind of a hybrid topper/camper). I'm not much of a craftsman but following your plans I was able to build it pretty much with just a jigsaw and screw gun. I've received lots of positive feedback and can't wait to go camping!
Thanks, Greg and Yvonne


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