These plans are in progress

Built as an experiment for a friend this lightweight ply/epoxy hard shell camper is designed as a self-contained pod to haul in a truck and can easily be off-loaded at a camp site.   A six foot long version by 42 inches wide is shown and sleeps one person with room for lots of gear or two good friends, or it can be extended to suit.  Also makes a classy portable dog hauler.

It can ride in the open or fit inside a truck topper to increase accommodation when arriving at the campsite, and can be left out in weather.  The pod can be equipped virtually waterproof, one or both ends can be fitted with access doors while lightweight plastic boat ports in the side and ends provide light and ventilation.   Small legs and a centerline brace elevate the pod above muddy ground and optional wheels can be added to the legs on one end to make moving and loading the pod a one person job.  Doors can be hinged and lockable or simple plastic curtains for comfort in hot weather. Lightweight plastic hand holds on each side provide handy lifting and tie down options.  The interior can be left open or equipped with cargo nets and shelves for lights and gear for long term use.  

Complete building plans with sketches, step-by-step, sources and discussion of options available in the near future.