Steve's Maxi Mac River Boat

Hello again Paul.....Thanks for the tips on the oars... I went for 9' length to start with, however I think that they will need to be cut down a little shorter. I finally launched my (near completed) Max boat yesterday afternoon...the weather was terrible - rained heavy all afternoon - but I just couldn't wait any longer. I am amazed at how well the boat rows! I rowed 2 kilometres with two of us on board and was constantly surprised by the speed the boat moved for little effort! I added a motor well for a small electric outboard and would love to tell you that it pushed the boat along nicely, however, as luck would have it I took a dead flat battery with me...hence the long row in the rain!

I have attached some pictures of the boat on the Brogo Dam. I will send more as I finish off the boat and thanks again for the plans. They were very easy to follow even for a first-time builder, and the boat not only floats, but is a pleasure to row. Steve