Sterling's Clark Fork Drifter


Paul...... I completed the Drifter (97% anyway) in September.... had time for a run on the CO river near Moab (Dewey Bridge/Moab Daily). Worked great, got lot's of compliments and looking forward to the 2011 boating season. Attached are a couple of photos, I'll shoot for sending some better ones next spring/summer. I built in 5 compartments, hatch covers are held down with cam straps (I didn't feel like configuring hinges). The bow compartment has a round plastic hatch lid in the bulkhead and I still need to build a better seat, arrange some foot braces, and bow molding. I used a set of borrowed 10' oars, too long, now have a set of 9' that should be much better. Construction went pretty smooth, just time consuming with all the added compartments, decks, hatch covers. Thanks for putting together the design. - Sterling