Plywood Dory built as a Surf Dory

Below is a builders version of the Row Dory which is outfitted as a surf dory.  Its a simplified cut-down hull about 14 feet long which can be paddled sitting or standing, or rowed.  The hull can be made self-bailing by installing a flush fitting “Swedish bailer” which siphons water with forward motion or drain scuppers with one way flaps can be cut into the hull sides of the footwell.  Watertight compartments fill most of the hull to provide flotation when swamped in surf and also storage capacity for trips and camp cruising, and are accessed with small plastic ports which fit almost flush with deck or bulkhead to help prevent injury in surf and rough water.  Tethered oars as short as four feet are most controllable launching and landing through moderate surf. The removable laminated oarlock recurve shown in these photos was custom built for flat water exercise rowing with 8 foot oars, and for full-body workouts a sliding seat drop-in unit can be installed and easily removed.  The boat is just fast enough to provide enjoyable rowing on flat water and the hull can also be equipped with a short skeg to help prevent broaching sideways in waves.  For hard use sacrificial rubbing strips can also be attached to the bottom and the hull has a tough slick graphite bottom which makes it easy to drag with a tether over gravel beaches and across cement launch ramps.