Mike's Montana Pram


Hello Paul,

We have corresponded a few times as I was building a Montana pram from your plans. Well, it is done and I am very, very happy with both the building experience and the final product. I built it with the intention of using it as a stable platform for fly fishing. Then, I ended up moving to the coast (Santa Cruz, CA), where there are fewer flyfishing opportunities. I have been using it lately in the ocean (on calm days), fishing for halibut and rockfish near the beach. The boat has performed very well.

I have attached some pictures taken a week or so ago. I also added small triangular pieces on the four corners for more bracing to enable me to one day add jam cleats for hanging a second anchor.

Again, thanks for the plans. I had no practical woodworking or epoxy experience prior to building this pram. The plans were clear and not too difficult to follow for a rookie like myself. I am now trying to decide what boat project should be next.... thanks. Mike