Don's Rock Creek Drifter


Paul….I have finally completed the boat and I am anxious to launch the maiden voyage!   I learned some tricks along the way that would enable me to build a better looking boat if I could build another one right now. (I would do that, but I built it in my nephew’s garage. I doubt he would be pleased if I took up his garage space again so soon!)  I told several people that I was impressed with your design and the longer I worked on the boat the more impressed I became with the elegance of your design.

One thing that helped me make better fillets was the use of disposable pastry bags. I found them on  in a roll of 100 triangular shaped bags. You just snip off the corner at the appropriate point to produce the correct diameter bead of epoxy. It helps you get the filler deep into the joints.  And it may not have been necessary, but I reinforced the main bulkhead in the bow section with three gussets. I also bonded stainless steel T-nuts to the aft main bulkhead to make attaching and removing the bow section easier. I also added a removable set of wheels to make the process of getting to and from the water easier.

Thank you for your support! And as I get some decent photos of it in the water, I will share them with you.