Cameron's Norwegian Gunning Dory


Paul.... Here are some more pics. I am not a very good photographer. Better background scenery will have to wait as its winter here in Idaho, and I'm still in the process of finishing the boat including building riser blocks for the oarlocks. Building the boat was a good experience and the plans were easy to follow although, with my carpentry skills being what they are, there was still a learning curve involved.
The entire boat is 6 mil Aquatek. I left the sides of the boat at 6 mil instead of 4 mil, and I may end up covering the hull in glass. The rings on the bow and stern are my anchor and tie down points when the boat is on the top of my truck and its still light enough that I can handle it by myself. The Holidays and Idaho's winter delayed the launch but as soon as I find a lake that is not covered in ice I'll send more photos and let you know how it acts in the water.