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makes a classy lightweight cartopper or foredeck dingy

This little round bottom pram makes a classy lightweight cartopper or foredeck dingy. It rows easily and with the centerboard and simple sail rig it also makes a fine family recreational boat.

Designed for double diagional strip construction these hulls are lightweight and strong without interior ribs or frames. We've built them from double 1/8" mahogony veneer, cedar veneer, and sometimes a combination of different woods. Some builders use strips of thin plywood and paint out the hull. Epoxy holds it all together without fastenings of any kind, and the hull can be sheathed with fiberglass cloth and reinforced with glass tape to provide even better abrasion and puncture resistance. Sealed compartments can also be included under the seats for watertight storage and emergency flotation capability.

These are the original Frank Davis plans, 4 sheets of beautifully drawn blueprints. Sailing rig instructions are included, along with centerboard and rudder details.

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