Q. What do I get when I order a set of your plans?

A. Depends on the project. Large format blueprints work best for houses and cabins to show framing and details, along with a construction manual with additional info and option ideas. Our latest plans are in the form of convenient spiral bound workshop manuals which include sketches, photos, step-by-step, material sources and discussion of many options to modify and customize.

Q. How do I contact you if I have a question or need advice?

A. We do email almost every day, even weekends, morning and night. Letters also work but email is by far the most efficient way to discuss ideas or questions. All the more recent building plans are very detailed, but we’re happy to provide feedback if you need more.

Q. Can I modify your plans?

A. We encourage practical and sensible modification to customize projects. Safety is always the first consideration.

Q. Is there a discount on multiple plan orders?

A. 10% on more than 1 order—20% on orders over $200. And I pay postage.

Q. What level of woodworking skills or tools do I need to build these boats?

A. Most of these boats require only very basic skills, and a minimum of woodworking tools. Most of the boats can be built with a jig saw and block plane, a drill for a screw driver and a few clamps. No traditional lofting is required, and many of the boats are the same shape on both ends which simplifies further. Most of the plans require only that you measure from the edge of a plywood sheet at intervals, connect the dots and cut.

Q. What makes your house designs different?

A. They’re simplified about as much as is possible, in terms of shape and add-on modules, and can be made very energy efficient. The houses are designed around a main module which can be equipped with power and plumbing and the options can be added on as time or budget allow. The owner-built hollow plywood beams and joists have also been a very successful feature of the houses.

Q. Will we ever see your house designs in “Architectural Digest”?

A. Never.

Q. Is the Grand Cabin really portable?

A. Changing orientation or sliding the cabin around on small log rollers is easy, or it can also be dragged slowly on the skid beams with a tractor or small truck. Moving it long distances on roads requires a flat bed trailer.