Last year I ordered the plans for the Pacific Gun Dory. After gathering all the nessesities it took me about 6 weeks to build. Real time working on the boat was a lot less. The boat is a dream to row. With a gps I can row to 6 mph, Can hold 4.5 mph for hours after a little getting in shape. The only thing I have found faster is a rowing shell.

I want to build another boat and have looked at many plans and have found nothing that has the beautiful lines of the Pacific Gun Dory. The double chine sets it in a class of its own. So I need to build another one. In the plans I purchased it stated these were for one boat. Since I want to build another I need to know whats nessesary for the okay. Everywhere I take this boat I get attention and compliments. Even at the Toledo Oregon boat show it was a hit. The epoxy work was quite an experience. I learned a lot, with the knowledge gained I could build one in half the time and do a better job on the finish.

I was a little apprehensive about taking another person in the boat. Thinking it might not trim as well and affect the rowing. It makes almost no difference with a combined weight of 370 lbs. It still does 6 mph on the top and rows nearly as easy. It tracks perfectly and holds well in a wind. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you---

Dan Moore